Summer 2010, I started Maria’s Pilates class for three months and she mentioned the Bootcamp class she instructed and I thought “I’ll try it”.  I showed up with my one-pound weights (I’m embarrassed now when I think of it.) she handed me 5 lbs.  I’ve been attending Bootcamp since and now do 8 lb. weights, next will be 12 lbs.

She becomes familiar with each of her attendees health issues and will informs them how to do the exercises correctly so you don’t harm yourself.  I have arthritis in my knees, shoulders & lower back.  At first, the squats I could hear sounds coming from my knees, but had no pain, she informed me the proper way to do them and now they are quite.  Informed my Orthopedic Doctor of what I’m doing and he said “Continue doing what you’re doing.”

I’m glad to inform you that it’s never to late to improve your body and health.  I am entering the last year of my 60’s and have never felt better.  To you younger people keep it up and don’t stop.  It’s a great investment for your health.

Oh, I am now wearing a size 12, compared to the 16/18 I was wearing over a year ago.

I plan to live LONG and STRONG with BOOTCAMP!


I am almost 50 years old and I have been in Maria’s boot camp for two years. She always inspires me to do my best and calls to encourage me when my energy is wavering. Maria not only has excellent workouts she truly cares about each person that is in her class. Thanks Maria you’re the best!!!  – Sue, 49 yrs old

Sue, 49 yrs old