12 Week Fit Start Program

Welcome to your jouney to better health and fitness.The Fit Start program is designed for clients who are motivated and can workout on their own! You have equipment but don’t know how to put it to use or set up a complete program.

This is a 12 week program designed with your fitness and nutritional goals in mind. At the end of the 12 weeks, my desire is to leave you with the knowledge, confidence and motivation to continue with your healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. If needed, you can call or email me for ongoing consultation.

All levels of fitness are welcome. Measurements are included; we meet every 4 weeks to reassess your goals and progress, do additional measurements and adjust your program as needed.

RATE: $15/half hour. Typical first appointment is 1.5 hours. All subsequent appointments are a minimum of one half hour.

To register please click here. Also, please check our Calendar to confirm specific dates when classes and sessions are offered.